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Its heart is to adventure into the depths and heights of God’s presence through sung worship and music, exploring and encountering the power and freedom which can't fail to manifest when God shows up. Through the intimacy of living room settings, together we’ll pursue, contend for and lay hold of the miraculous which is promised to us. This is about the releasing of God’s Kingdom, in one home at a time, slaying the vile chains of the kingdom of darkness with a greater faith and passion than ever before.

Our determination has intensified to see more of what we, as sons and daughters of God, have authority to release on earth. We truly want to see the dead raised, the captives set free, the blind gaining sight, the lame running, the sick made well and fullness of joy restored to the broken-hearted. You could say we’re putting our money where our mouth is – we’re taking God at His word, and trust for greater things than we could even dream or imagine!

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This story is yet unwritten! The path is yet unmapped! Let’s journey together as this new season for us unfolds. We’re open to anything Holy Spirit desires to do! Pick ‘n’ mix from the suggestions below or request whatever suits your need!

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Physical Healing:

Perhaps loved ones are ill. We are promised healing in the presence of God. We offer to worship with you and sing over those who are in need of healing.

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Our God makes a way where there seemingly is no way. Through worship we’ll contend with you for breakthrough in whatever area you need.

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For those who feel disconnected and dry. Using music and meditative worship to provide space for refreshing and refuelling.

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Emotional Healing:

For those battling with depression, thoughts of suicide and mental illness. Through worship, you’ll be surrounded with song and melodies as we decree peace, freedom and hope to bring breakthrough and healing.

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Reconnecting with Holy Spirit:

Some Christians have not had opportunity to experience Holy Spirit in the context of their regular worship setting, others have experienced wounds from a “mishandling” of those times of encounter and have been left hurt and wary. We offer to very gently and sensitively help you connect once again with Holy Spirit – no hype, no forcefulness, no fear – in your own space and time, so you can move towards experiencing the fullness of life God intends for us all.

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Just a great ole time of worship – let’s see what happens!

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The heart of the Dwelling Place Trail is to move from the larger crowds we typically associate with Sunday morning church into a more intimate setting within people’s houses. We literally worship in your living room. We have a very basic setup which doesn’t require much space at all.

When God began to share His heart for this, we felt that He would start by leading us around the UK – so wherever you are in the UK – we’ll travel to you! This doesn’t exclude further afield – we just got the sense that initially, most of what happens will be in the UK.

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What is required from a host?

We need a living room in which to worship, and people to worship with! Whether it’s one person or a group – let’s gather together. Depending on our schedule and the distance from our home town, we may require a couple of beds for the night if it’s a possibility.

Financially, this is how we live – we spend our days in full time ministry, believing God has called us to do so. We trust God to provide for all our needs – including paying the bills and putting food on the table!

We ask that an offering is taken on the evening or a donation to bless us financially is given if you’re able. Everything makes a huge difference to us and we are extremely grateful for all who sow into our ministry.

If you are unable to give financially, this does not exclude you in any way from us serving you! Our hearts are first and foremost to release and advance the Kingdom of God – and we desire to be faithful to that cause regardless of financial blessing!

What happens next?

If you’re interested in hosting a Dwelling Place Trail session, we’d LOVE to hear from you! Please fill out the form below.

We’ll talk with you about your hopes for the session, what type of session you’d like, how many people you anticipate attending , and if there are specific needs we need to consider.

We will commit to praying for you, your guests and the evening.

We’ll set up a convenient date and time.

We’ll arrive in plenty of time before the worship session so we can set up and spend a little time with you.

Then….we worship and let Heaven come down!

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Exact address not required at this stage
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As we step out into this new venture please cover us with prayer. Suggestions: a deeper intimacy with God, a clearer recognition of, and response to, Holy Spirit, protection as we seek to enlarge God’s Kingdom, boldness, provision, ministering in greater power - seeing miracles and wonders wherever we go, open doors to enable us to minister to those who need it.

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If you wish to make a one off donation to support The Dwelling Place Trail, please click the PayPal button below and you’ll be led through a payment process. If you feel called to join our regular supporters of our ministry please contact us via email at: and we’ll let you know how to go about this.

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