"Overwhelmed" features songs for corporate and personal worship written by Cath Binns and Angus MacGregor. The songs “Closer” and “Certain Hope” emerged from a season of change and bereavement.  They acknowledge the pain of such times yet declare the comfort, hope and healing that an intimate relationship with Jesus brings. The EP is a proclamation of faith in God’s sovereignty and kindness, moving people into a deeper intimacy with Him. They are love songs to the One who loved us first.





‘Cath and Angus are songwriters and worship leaders based in Halifax and this is their debut EP which turns out to be a beautiful little collection of songs featuring Cath's luminously clear voice. The title track is the only one on which we get a vocal contribution from Angus. The introduction to "Closer" is atmospheric and then as Cath's haunting voice takes hold the rhythm picks up and the listener is drawn into this powerful song of commitment. Cath's voice seems to hang on the air again in "You Reign" with a simple yet effective arrangement based on a rock-solid bass line from Albie Harrup and some deft acoustic guitar and keyboards from Mark Walker. "Certain Hope" is, unusually, an elegy to a deceased friend, with the clinching line "We'll be together again."‘

Stella Redburn - Cross Rhythms Radio